You have reached the home of Klondike and iKlondike. Klondike is the original solitaire game for Macintosh, and iKlondike is the same game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Klondike and iKlondike both include five variations of solitaire:

iKlondike 2.8

iKlondike 2.8 requires iPhone OS 7.1 or later and is a Universal app, which plays in native resolution on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Version 2.8 is fully compatible with iOS 9 and iPhone 6, utilizing the full screen on the iPhone 6.

iKlondike is available in two versions, the standard version available on the iTunes Store for $2.99, or the free iKlondike Lite, also available on the iTunes Store. Provided as a free ‘trial’ version, iKlondike Lite does not use iKlondike’s randomizing shuffle which produces a different hand to play every game. Instead, it includes four pre-shuffled decks which can be played in each of the five solitaire games.

For more information about iKlondike, including help text see here.

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(i)Klondike 11.4

Klondike 11.4 runs on Mac OS X 10.6 and later on Intel-based Macintoshes. It has been upgraded for improved graphic appearance with the Retina Display and tested with macOS Sierra, 10.12. iKlondike 11.4 is a version built from the same code base for the Mac App Store, and requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later.

Version 11 is based on the Objective-C/Cocoa code developed for iKlondike for iOS and incorporates some of its enhanced functions, such as moving cards by 'flicking' toward the destination and an available Full Screen view.

While you purchase iKlondike from the Mac App Store, Klondike is shareware, which means that it is freely available for download and sharing with others. If you enjoy the game and wish to continue playing, please make the requested $10 shareware payment using FastSpring's secure online order form (or purchase iKlondike from the Mac App Store). If you register Klondike with FastSpring, you will receive a registration code to enter in the program. See this page for more information on registration.

Download the Klondike version appropriate for your system using one of the following links:

For more information about Klondike, including detailed history, help text, and available older versions, see here.

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