Klondike is shareware. That means that you are free to use it and to make and give away copies of Klondike without charge. If you enjoy Klondike, then I ask that you pay for it, or at least acknowledge it--a postcard makes a nice acknowledgement.

The shareware fee I suggest for Klondike is $10.00 for a single user.

Please pay for Klondike by purchasing iKlondike at the Mac App Store. You will not need to download the app from the store. Or, you could mail a check to the address below.

Purchasing iKlondike

The Mac App Store page can be found by searching the Store for ‘iKlondike’ or by clicking here.

Entering your registration

After you have purchased iKlondike, click the Register button in the About Klondike window to bring up the registration dialog, where you can enter your name and thus complete your registration. Once you have entered your registration in Klondike, the About Klondike window will no longer appear and need to be dismissed each time you launch Klondike.

Sending mail

Please send postcards, notes (or checks) to:

Michael Casteel
8515 Costa Verde Blvd, Unit 1710
San Diego, CA 92122

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